Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest Policy


The publication of scientific research in journals is one of the fundamental ways. Central to this service is the responsibility that editors, authors and reviewers maintain the high ethical standard relating to the publication of manuscripts.  

Editors, authors and reviewers of a manuscript should inform the relevant journal of any significant financial interest - recent, present or anticipated - in any organization that may in any way gain or lose financially from the publication of the piece (for example, employment by such an organization; funds for research; funds for a member of staff; fees for consulting; stock or share holdings; patent interests). If you have such an interest, you may have a conflict of interest, which should be declared. An editor, author or reviewer may wish to disclose to the editor a conflict of interest that would be embarrassing if it became generally known (for example, an academic link or rivalry or a close relationship with, or a strong antipathy to, a person whose interests may be affected by publication of a manuscript).



Conflict of Interest statement


Please note that a Conflicts of interest statement is required for all submitted manuscripts. If no conflicts exist, please state that ňúThere are no conflicts to declare' under a Conflicts of interest heading as the last section before your Acknowledgements.