Tremor di Gunungapi Raung

Periode Krisis November-Desember 2014

  • Vico Luthfi Ipmawan Institut Teknologi Sumatera


Crisis period of Raung Volcano, located in East of Java, Indonesia, was started in November 2014. The seismicity of Raung Volcano was dominated by volcanic tremor. Volcanic tremor can be related with internal process of a volcano and can be a fruitful tool to understand the physical process inside the volcano. The intensity of tremor event in early crisis period is low but increases quickly then followed by the continuous tremor in the next month, December 2014. The dominant frequency of Raung volcano has range 1 ± 0,2 Hz. We suggest that there are two resonators exciting tremor signal based on the number of peaks in Raung’s tremor spectrum.


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